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For Diabetic Wounds

Wounds are the opening of the skin whether a scratch or cut. When a wound is slow to heal or is no longer able to heal by itself it may be due to poor circulation in the blood flow and high blood sugar because the wound is not able to heal without the proper nutrients and white blood cells. This can leave the wound open to infections and bacteria.

The nerves can also be affected due to diabetes and blood flow, so when there are damaged nerves, you may not feel certain sensations in your body. When you receive a wound or a cut you may not know it’s there and it is important to inspect for any damage. Especially in the lower extremities of the body where wounds are prone to leading to more life-threatening complications if not taken care of properly or even amputation.

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Helping Wounds Heal

Helping Wounds Heal

Our regenative treatements may help in the process of wound healing and reduce infections..

  • Preserves tissue's natural structure
  • Closes the affected wound area
  • Minimal Scarring
  • Apply to any affected area after cleansing

Treatments for Diabetic Wound Care:

Repairing a wound can take time, but there are other options that can support the process along with proper nutrition & exercise.

Hypobaric Oxygen Therapy:

Uses pressurized oxygen to stimulate the circulation of oxygen in the bloodstream.


An antibacterial agent used to fight bacteria and prevent infection.


Improve blood supply to help regenerate the tissue and heal the wound.

Amniotic Fluid:

Using the nutrients from the amniotic fluid can stimulate the wound to heal at a faster rate.

Wound Healing

Heal to Seal Wounds

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